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  • What are the different types of map prints available?
    City Maps or Star Maps We currently offer two different types of custom map print styles: City Maps or Star Maps. Each of the two map options can be tailored in terms of the map location and the text underneath as well as various styles. Check out our interactive map maker to see it in action.
  • How big are the prints and what size should I get?
    We currently offer four different print sizes: 21cm x 30cm (A4), 30cm x 42cm (A3), 50cm x 70cm (B2), and 70cm x 100cm (B1). Our best sellers are the mid-range sizes A3 and B2 which is perfect to hang on the wall especially if you want to hang it next to a couple of maps or other prints. There are also so many beautiful frames you can buy in these sizes (try Ikea or Kmart!). If you want to keep the print as a lovely, subtle piece on a table or desk, then our smaller size 21cm x 30cm (A4) is your go-to. Our largest 70cm x 100cm (B1) print makes for an epic centre or feature piece in, say, a lounge, dining room, or bedroom.
  • Do the prints come framed?
    Our custom prints come to your hot little hand as a high quality print, unframed. We do not currently offer framed prints as we have found individuals like yourself would rather pick and choose their own frames to suit there unique styles. Plus, you save a small fortune by framing it yourself.
  • How are the prints packaged?
    Our custom print maps will make it to your hot little hand in protective wrap and cardboard packaging. We package everything with love in-house to ensure that it leaves us in excellent condition (no mass produced drop-shipping in sight here). Our custom print maps are packaged snug as bugs in either a rigid envelope (A3 and A4 sizes) or a triangular post tube. We aim to use as sustainable packaging as possible, while ensuring the quality of your print and that it will arrive to your door in perfect condition.
  • I'm no astronomer, but how do you make sure the night sky star maps are correct?"
    Our custom star maps are based on a dataset of stars from a given date. From that date the stars will move each day and year so we use a mathematics formula to calculate their position. Next step is to offset the position, as the earth is round we can calculate the hours it's postponed with. The result is a beautiful star map of the night sky on a particular date at a particular location.
  • Help! I tried to make a city map but my town looks like a jellyfish!
    OK so not every town or city or location is blessed with an aesthetically pleasing layout. In fact, you may find your town looks like a jellyfish or some other obscure shape. Tips to get the best city map: 1. Choose larger towns and cities over smaller ones. The smaller the town or the more rural the area, the more abstract the map will be because our city maps highlight roads and if there's not many roads in your area the map will look more bare. That's not to say small towns or country areas can't look beautiful, it's just something to be mindful of when choosing a location. 2. Use the location mapping tool to zoom in and out. Sometimes an odd looking town looks better when it is either zoomed in to highlight particular areas or when it is zoomed out to get, for example, a bit of coastline, some rivers, or arterial roads leading to the town. As you zoom in and out you get a greater or lesser detail of roads so it's all about finding that sweet spot that works for you. 3. Use the location mapping tool to rotate and pivot the map. Our mapping tool allows you to rotate the map around so if you don't like your map area at a particular angle, try to turn it slightly to get a better view. 4. Play with colour styles. There are many different colour styles to choose from that you can overlay on your map location. Some colour combinations emphasise different features of the terrain and city shape so you can try a colour combination that will emphasise the relationship of the town to the ocean or maybe a major river that runs through or near it. Ultimately our best piece of advice is to keep playing with the mapping tool until you find something that you love.
  • Are you really based in Australia?
    Of course! We live in the beautiful sunshine state of Queensland, in the glorious city of Brisbane. If you see us out and about come and say hi, we love catching up with customers and hearing about the stories behind their custom print maps.


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