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Hi, we are Chris and Shannon, two minimalists who love (or used to love!) to travel. One of the beautiful things about travel is that the memory of the moment, all of the emotion that is wrapped up in a new experience lives on in your mind.


We have always kept reminders of our travels around the house - a rock from a hike in New Zealand, a coaster from a bar in Hawaii, some shells from the Gilli Islands - and being such lovers of travel, we of course love maps. 

We thought, wouldn't it be nice if you could wrap the beauty and uniqueness of a map, and the memory of a place, into something that looks stunning?

We founded Custom Prints to give people a meaningful way to share memories and moments through unique and personalised map prints. There are so many times when a special moment is wrapped into a location, it might be where you bought your first home, where you got married, or the night sky when you got engaged. Custom printed maps immortalise this in a beautiful and personalised map print that makes for a meaningful, unique gift. 

We truly believe that your house is an expression of your character and that your home interior has the right to be an expression of your remarkable stories that make you, you!

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