Design your own custom printed city maps or night sky star map prints. 

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Custom Printed City Maps

Reminiscing about your childhood memories in the city that you called your home? Or perhaps the memories you made with your new friends after you moved away from your hometown? Give life to these precious memories with our custom city map prints. We custom design aesthetic map prints of any city or town which sings your story. Just let us know the city, choose your personalised quote or phrase you want to print, and choose the colour theme that appeals to you the most. Out city maps are an ideal addition to your home, or they can even be a thoughtful gift for your loved one. Get in touch with us today and immortalize your love for your favourite city!

Custom Printed Star Maps

Let us recreate the special day that changed your life with our special star maps! Our custom star map prints are the actual representation of the alignment of the stars and constellations based on the information that you provide. Be it your anniversary, or the day when your child was born, you just need to provide the date and place and we will design a custom star map print for you. You can choose from 15+ designs to find a perfectly suitable map for your needs. If you like something simple then go for our classic black and white star maps, or if you want to add a little colour to your home then we have various shades of blue, green, red and blue. Go and customise a star map that will remind you of your special day every time you look at it!

A unique gift that paves the way to the heart of your loved ones- Custom Printed Maps from Custom Prints

It’s tough finding the ultimate gift, but we know the ideal gift option for you when you run out of options. A custom printed map is the best personalised gift option to show your significant other the place you met for the first time. Or perhaps your first date maybe! The long walk on the boardwalk, the cafe you stopped at for a quick bite, the movie theatre you reserved seats in, and finally when you dropped them home. Imagine all of these memories imprinted in a personalised map print and always there physically to show your friend, family, and maybe your kids someday. This is not just a gift, you are in actual fact giving a lifelong memory with these special personalised map prints.

How do you go about creating a personalised map print?

Well, there is no rocket science involved in creating personalised map print at Custom Prints. All you need to do is tell us the location that you would like us to create a custom printed map, choose from our range of custom printed maps design that you like, and any additional wording you’d like. We will take care of the rest while you wait patiently for it to be delivered.

Unsure about the intricate details of your custom printed map?

It's true that only one out of every odd town, city, or area is honored with a tastefully satisfying design. If you do realise that for the locations you want us to create custom printed maps isn’t attractive or resembles a weird shape, following these following tips will help you to make your personalised map print in a better way:

* Pick bigger towns and urban communities over littler ones.

* Utilise the location mapping tool to zoom in and out.

* Utilise the location mapping tool to turn and rotate the guide.

* Play with colour and styles.

How to decide what size you should customise your personalised map print?

Well, it's a personal decision. You have to consider things like how big your house is, or the size of the room where you want to display this custom printed map art. We offer six different size options from A4 to B2 and B1. Select the B1 size for your larger rooms, while B2 (most preferred) is a great option for your bedroom, while the A4 Size is apt for your desk or work area. 

We're determined to bring joy to everyone’s homes through our personalised map prints. It is a lifelong treasure that holds terrific value for you or a loved one. Regardless of whether it's a moment, a location, or somebody unique, our custom printed maps and wall art can help to tell your story. 

We truly believe that your house is an expression of your character and that your home interior has the right to be an expression of your remarkable stories that make you, you! 

We make unique and exceptional personalised maps print for your home that is ideal for you, utilising our specialised design tools and experience. You are unique and there is no reason that your home and art shouldn’t be as well. 

Memories fade but souvenirs can last for a lifetime. We use top-notch, museum graded paper, and print with inks that withstand the test of time.

Are these custom printed city maps as good as the real ones?

Flawless line-weight design implies an incredibly multifaceted custom city map print. Try not to settle on your customised map art print.

Imprinted on thick cotton artistic work paper, these affordable custom printed city map prints that are cheap offer many more benefits over your typical custom printed city map prints. Our custom printed maps are made including the date and accuracy of the mapping from places all around the world.

All our personalised map prints are an assortment of every street designation. From rear entryways and neighborhood streets to roads and thruways. So it's just a matter of you finalising your personalised map print and zooming in to mark your memories.

Why is a custom printed maps the most ideal gift option?

Custom printed maps can be gifted to anybody, in light of the fact that special things are intended for everyone. So on the off chance that you are pondering about taking that additional step and making a personalised map print you have in mind, we are here to tell you to go for it!. Tell us your unique story, how you’d like it to be designed, and you’re ready with a special, thoughtful custom printed map, crafted with love and dedication. One thing is for sure, you’ll be filled with endless love and affection upon giving this special gift!



1. Star Map or City Map? You choose.

Use our interactive custom map tool to choose the exact area you would like included in your custom printed city map or let us know the location of your special moment for your personalised map print.

2. Customise your text & map style. 

Choose from over 10+ map styles then enter your personalised text. See exactly what your finished personalised map print will look like in real time using our custom map tool.

3. Receive your custom printed map.

Your personalised map print will be printed and shipped to your door, with free delivery in Australia. All our custom printed maps are high quality and come in a range of sizes to suit any space.





We are Chris and Shannon, two minimalist nomads who love to travel. One of the beautiful things about travel is that the memory of the moment, all of the emotion that is wrapped up in a new experience lives on in your mind.


We have always kept reminders of our travels around the house - a rock from a hike in New Zealand, a coaster from a bar in Hawaii, some shells from the Gilli Islands - and being such lovers of travel, we of course love maps. 

We thought, wouldn't it be nice if you could wrap the beauty and uniqueness of a map, and the memory of a place, into something that looks stunning?

We founded Custom Prints to give people a meaningful way to share memories and moments through unique and personalised map prints. There are so many times when a special moment is wrapped into a location, it might be where you bought your first home, where you got married, or the night sky when you got engaged. Custom printed maps immortalise this in a beautiful and personalised map print that makes for a meaningful, unique gift. 



What are the different types of map prints available?

We currently offer two different types of custom map print styles: City Maps or Star Maps. Each of the two map options can be tailored in terms of the map location and the text underneath as well as various styles. Check out our interactive map maker to see it in action.

How big are the prints and what size should I get?

We currently offer six different print sizes: 21cm x 30cm (A4), 50cm x 70cm (B2), and 70cm x 100cm (B1).

Our best seller is the mid-range size 50cm x 70cm (B2) which is perfect to hang on the wall especially if you want to hang it next to a couple of maps or other prints.

If you want to keep the print as a lovely, subtle piece on a table or desk, then our smaller size 21cm x 30cm (A4) is your go-to.

Our largest 70cm x 100cm (B1) print makes for an epic centre or feature piece in, say, a lounge, dining room, or bedroom.

Do the prints come framed?

Our custom prints come to your hot little hand as a high quality print, unframed. We do not currently offer framed prints as we have found individuals like yourself would rather pick and choose their own frames to suit their unique styles. Plus, you save a small fortune by framing it yourself.

How are the prints packaged?

Our custom print maps will make it to your hot little hand in protective wrap and cardboard. We package everything with love in-house to ensure that it leaves us in excellent condition (no mass produced drop-shipping in sight here). Our custom print maps are packaged snug as bugs in Australia Post tubes.

I'm no astronomer, but how do you make sure the night sky star maps are correct?

Our custom star maps are based on a dataset of stars from a given date. From that date the stars will move each day and year so we use a mathematics formula to calculate their position. Next step is to offset the position, as the earth is round we can calculate the hours it's postponed with. The result is a beautiful star map of the night sky on a particular date at a particular location.

Help! I tried to make a city map but my town looks like a jellyfish!

OK so not every town or city or location is blessed with an aesthetically pleasing layout. In fact, you may find your town looks like a jellyfish or some other obscure shape. Tips to get the best city map:

1. Choose larger towns and cities over smaller ones.

The smaller the town or the more rural the area, the more abstract the map will be because our city maps highlight roads and if there's not many roads in your area the map will look more bare. That's not to say small towns or country areas can't look beautiful, it's just something to be mindful of when choosing a location.

2. Use the location mapping tool to zoom in and out.

Sometimes an odd looking town looks better when it is either zoomed in to highlight particular areas or when it is zoomed out to get, for example, a bit of coastline, some rivers, or arterial roads leading to the town. As you zoom in and out you get a greater or lesser detail of roads so it's all about finding that sweet spot that works for you.

3. Use the location mapping tool to rotate and pivot the map.

Our mapping tool allows you to rotate the map around so if you don't like your map area at a particular angle, try to turn it slightly to get a better view.

4. Play with colour styles.

There are many different colour styles to choose from that you can overlay on your map location. Some colour combinations emphasise different features of the terrain and city shape so you can try a colour combination that will emphasise the relationship of the town to the ocean or maybe a major river that runs through or near it.

Ultimately our best piece of advice is to keep playing with the mapping tool until you find something that you love.


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