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How do I create a personalised map print?


Well, there is no rocket science involved in creating a personalised map print at Custom Prints. All you need to do is input the location that you would like your custom printed map to show, choose from our range of custom printed map designs and select the one that you like, and add any additional wording or text to make your custom print truly unique. We will take care of the rest so you can sit back and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

We currently offer two different types of custom map print styles: City Maps or Star Maps. Each of the two map options can be tailored in terms of the map location and the text underneath, as well as various styles. Check out our interactive map maker to see it in action.

What about the intricate details of my custom printed city map? How do I make it pretty?


All our personalised city map prints use state of the art GPS positioning so all streets are covered -  from rear entryways and neighborhood streets to roads and thruways. It's just a matter of you finalising your personalised map print and zooming in to mark your memories.


It's true that some towns and cities are more aesthetically blessed than others. If your City Map comes out looking like a jellyfish or a map only a mother could love then never fear, we have a few hot tips for creating a more satisfying design. Try these tricks to help make your personalised map beautiful:

* Pick bigger towns and urban communities over smaller ones.

* Utilise the location mapping tool to zoom in and out.

* Utilise the location mapping tool to turn and rotate the guide.

* Play with colour and styles.

How do I decide what size my personalised map print should be?


Well, it's a personal decision. Consider things like how big your house is and the size of the room where you want to display your custom printed map art. We offer three different size options: A4, B2, and B1. Select the B1 size for your larger rooms, while B2 (most popular) is a great option for your bedroom or when hanging multiple prints together, and the A4 size is apt for a desk or work area.

How does my custom printed masterpiece find its way to me?


​Our custom prints come to your hot little hand as a high quality print, unframed. We do not currently offer framed prints as we have found individuals, like yourself, would rather pick and choose their own frames to suit their unique styles. Our maps are packaged in protective wrap and cardboard so they look fresh as heck when they get to you, snug as bugs in Australia Post tubes. We package everything with love in-house to ensure that it leaves us in excellent condition (no mass produced drop-shipping in sight here).

Why should I use Custom Prints?

Don't settle for a stock-standard online map, a 20+ day wait on delivery, or the dreaded 'will it even arrive?'. Our customised map art prints have a crisp, flawless finish and are printed on high-quality, thick artistic paper. Our city map and star map prints are affordable, but offer the added benefit of coming direct from our custom print shop in Brisbane so you can trust our prints are high-quality, delivered on-time, and won't accidentally end up in Gibraltar.

I'm no astronomer, but how do you make sure the night sky star maps are correct?


Our custom star maps are based on a dataset of stars from a given date. From that date the stars will move each day and year so we use a mathematics formula to calculate their position. Next step is to offset the position, as the earth is round we can calculate the hours it's postponed with. The result is a beautiful star map of the night sky on a particular date at a particular location.

If I give a custom printed map as a gift, am I going to earn the maddest kudos?

Everyone deserves special things, so custom printed maps can be gifted to anybody. On the off chance that you are still pondering about taking that next step and designing your own personalised map print, we are here to tell you to go for it! Tell your unique story and create your own design, and you’re ready with a special, thoughtful custom printed map, crafted with love and dedication. If this special gift doesn't bring you endless love and affection, we don't know what will.

We're determined to bring joy to everyone’s homes through our personalised map prints. It is a lifelong treasure that holds terrific value for you or a loved one. Regardless of whether it's a moment, a location, or somebody unique, our custom printed maps and wall art can help to tell your story.  We truly believe that your house is an expression of your character and that your home interior has the right to be an expression of your remarkable stories that make you, you! 

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