What is a Star Map?

These amazing maps are cutom made to show the exact* night sky on any particular given date and from a specific location, allowing you to capture what the star constellation looked like on that special day. Be it when you first met that special someone, had your first child or got married, immortalise that night in one of our beautiful star maps. 

How do I order?

Select your desired size, frame (or no frame) and style of the star map from the options on the right, then let us know the date and location you want your sky map of.

Your sky map test will automatically show the date, followed by the location under it.
Underneath this it will show your custom message (check out the photos as an example).

Free Shipping on all orders.

Shipping and production will take betwean 5-7days from when the order is finalised, all items are sent via tracked shipping.

Star Map